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Table of contents:

  1. Problems with the site
  2. How to use the features on the site
  3. How to link to the site / discography items
  4. How to get involved and contribute to the website

Problems with the site

There are no known problems with the website as of February 2010.

The website has been built from scratch and is currently very early on in it's lifecycle. Therefore it is possible you will find a problem on the website, and we'll be able to fix it promptly. The best way to get support is by posting in the forum in the relevant category. The people who maintain the site check the forums regularly, and we will either fix the problem for you, or die trying.

When you are not signed in the site uses cookies to remember your preferences, so make sure you are not running an oppressive cookie regime.

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How to use the features on the site

We have built features into the site such as a collection database, and many different ways of finding and reading muse collecting information. Some advanced features on this website require you to sign up so we can store your preferences for your next visit. Below are some of the features:

To Search the discography, click "Discography" at the top of the page, and enter the terms of your search in the widget on the left.  You can search by Format, Era, Track Name, and country to name a few. Fun for seeing what releases your favourite track is on.

To create a collection, you need to browse the discography, and on each item page tick the "I own this" box. This then stores it and makes it accessible via the Collections page. This feature is available to registered members only.

To create a want list, similarly to the "to create a collection" advice above, go to the item page and tick the "I want this" box.

Feel free to use the website without registering, however we advise you to do so, for you to get the most out of the community. Registration is free, and confidential. We are not interested in marketing to your email addresses unless you want to subscribe to our non frequent collectors bulletin.

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Linking to discography items

The static link to link to discography item you can link using the catalog number. For example:

If the discography has more than one item listed as this catalog number it will display all the resulting items with links to choose the correct one. As some items have duplicated catalog numbers (or none at all) this is the least accurate method, however it is the most usable and readable.

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Contributing to the site

We urge you to help keep the site up to date and accurate. Compiling this discography is very difficult, and I am going to need a lot of assistance setting up the Foreign releases databases. The three most important things I need for every release are: release date, catalog number and title. If you can help provide any or all of these things please post in the forum outlining the info you have.

At the moment, the contribution system isnt fully inplace. Please contribute stuff via the forum for the time being. I will give everyone contribution bonuses until the system is in place.

Here is how the contribution ranking will be calculated.

Every time you contribute a new or modified discography item description you earn 1 point

If your contribution is modified and or approved you will earn 10 points.

Every image you contribute is also worth 1 point.

If your image is approved you will earn 5 points.

If your image makes its way to the discography you will earn 10 points.


What the hell are these points for? Its just a way of wearing a badge that says "I contribute!".

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