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muse epWhere to begin?

Muse are a band with an enormous back catalog. They have been releasing material for over a decade and have released many items on many formats. If you are a Muse fan who would like to start collecting their material, you'll need to set a limit or the rest of your life will be consumed!

Collecting Muse Items

Define a limit straight out. It is not really feasible to collect everything Muse has released across the globe. I suggest focusing on items released in your own country - as that is the best way to get good deals on items. Also, restrict yourself to one or two formats - such as CD and DVD, or Vinyl. It is much easier to complete these smaller collections and once you are complete you can move on to the next set of items you've been looking at.

Its not as hard as it seems. Every major Muse item released makes its way onto online shops and auctions with surprising regularity.

General Quick Tips

  1. Try not to play a collectable item! Especially if it's a vinyl, leave it to one side and don't play it. It is always been my policy to purchase vinyl, then download the tracks from it so the vinyl stays mint and collectable. You can buy mp3s at, download most Muse B-Sides from - but you must pay for membership if you download lots in one month.
  2. Only bid on items on ebay if you can afford to actually buy them. Many collectables are artificially inflated in price due to people bidding for apparently no reason.
  3. Obscure, real world record shops can be much cheaper than online sources, and are often the source of the real bargains.

Selling Muse Items

Description tips: Always put the catalog number in the description of the item. This helps collectors to be exactly sure which item is being offered.

You may use scans obtained from this website to promote your item, however you may only use our scans if you ALSO include a picture of the item taken by yourself, and a link to the description on our website.

Why Collect?

Collecting Muse items is fun, frugal, and it is the best way to support the band. We have a strong welcoming community of collectors here in the forums, so please join us.

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