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Boaz Jachin


This website was coded from the ground up to be the most dynamic and immersive community website for the band MUSE. It is still only a baby, but it has come far.

We are proud of our large Muse discography, the biggest and most in-depth ever compiled. This would not be possible if it weren't for the MuseWiki project, collectors are indebted to this wonderful resource, and I urge you all to contribute to it in any way you can.


Biggest thanks go out to the contributors of MuseWiki for creating the great soup of knowledge from which this site emerged and evolved. Special thanks go to Niall (spacedemented), who carefully built the first Muse online discography. Thanks to Muse Bootlegs for providing me with bootlegs so energetic it got me through coding this damned website. Last off, thanks to the Muse Live forum website, its been an important yet somewhat controversial community soapbox over the last few years.

Technical Info

This site was custom written Using AJAX, PHP and MySQL. The forums we use are a free open source solution called SMF.

The entire back end of the website is a dynamic database driven system, where all pages can be edited, and discography expanded via the mod section of the website.

Website Hosting

This website is powered by a redundant, load balanced linux cluster with plenty of bandwidth for the Muse Community. This is the latest hosting technology, and allows the website to be fast even when under lots of traffic stress.

Plugging Baby

MuseCollectors.com was created by the same man behind MadMount.com - creative publishing and genius asylum. We invent fun web applications, games and communities.

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