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My name is Tom Maund, and I created this site.

I am a Muse Collector and have been since 1999. I am by trade a web designer and game developer, and I have been building online communities for many years.

A fact most people dont know about me is I was going to create the official Muse Website back in 2000, however the label decided to get a big company called nonplane to do it, and, for better or worse, muse-official.com was born.


I am a contributor to the MuseWiki project - my username is MuseTom - you can see my contributions here. I have also contributed to Linux projects in the past - such as some icons and wallpapers for ubuntu linux.

Muse collectors and fans have needed a decently concise and interactive community website for a long time, and I hope this project provides exactly that.


Check out my Muse collection. It is not as impressive as others but I'm proud of it.

The above paragraph is the reason why I made this site :)

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