Sing for Absolution - CD

Boaz Jachin
Sing for Absolution
Track Listing:

  1. Sing for Absolution
  2. Fury

Total Tracks: 2

Released: 17th May 2004 Correct
Cat : EW285CD


"Sing For Absolution" was released as the fourth single from Absolution, announced by Zane Lowe in November 2003 and released on 17th May 2004 in the UK.
The B-side to the single was "Fury", which was previously released as the bonus track to the Japanese edition of Absolution.
The single received the widest release under PIAS in the Benelux region, with four separate singles released over three weeks (three of which could be incoporated into a special edition box set).

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Sing for Absolution
Sing For Absolution
7" Vinyl EW285
Sing For Absolution
Sing For Absolution
Promo PRO4550

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Sing For Absolution
Sing For Absolution
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