Hullabaloo - CD

Boaz Jachin
Track Listing:

  1. Forced in
  2. Shrinking Universe
  3. Recess
  4. Yes Please
  5. Map of your head
  6. Nature 1
  7. Shine acoustic
  8. Ashamed
  9. The Gallery
  10. Hyper Chondiac Music
  11. Dead star
  12. Micro cuts
  13. Citizen Erased
  14. Showbiz
  15. Megalomania
  16. Darkshines
  17. Screenager
  18. Space Dementia
  19. In Your World

Total Tracks: 19

Released: 1st July 2002 Correct
Cat : MUSH105CD


Hullabaloo Soundtrack is Muse's first and only compilation album. The first disc contains a selection of B-Sides from the Showbiz and Origin of Symmetry eras, and the second disc contains part of a live performance in Paris, the full version of which can be found on the partner DVD.

The first run of this album were digipaks and carried the catalogue number MUSH105CD, following this the standard jewel case was released. There are no differences between the two besides the packaging although the jewel case carried the amended catalogue number of MUSH105CDXX.

The cd also includes a secret track, called 'What's he Building?'. You can hear the song if you rewind the second disc, till -1.55 minutes.

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Single Releases

Dead Star / In Your World

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