This Is A Muse Demo - Demo

Boaz Jachin
This Is A Muse Demo
Track Listing:

  1. Backdoor
  2. Feed
  3. Sling
  4. Jigsaw Memory

Total Tracks: 4

Released: 1st May 1995 Correct
No Catalog Number


Recorded in May 1995. Extremely rare; only 5 copies currently are known to exist, one of which is in the possession of a band member. This is the first known recording by Muse, and the tracks are grungy - akin to Bleach era Nirvana.

The demo tape pictured is one which sold on eBay in 2005 for £500, another copy sold for a record £4241 in 2011 . This tape is seen as the Holy Grail to many collectors.

The artwork consists of a picture of a fat cat set in negative. Some copies of the tape have an alternative light foreground / dark background cover, and some copies have all four tracks on one side of the tape.

The 4 tracks on the tape have never been re-recorded or played live, apart from a riff from "Sling" played during early Showbiz era gigs. This is currently the earliest known Muse demo, though there are reports of an earlier demo being recorded as a battle of the bands prize.

Digital copies of the songs do exist but are extremely rare. There are clips of all 4 of the tracks available on the web. Very few people have heard these songs in their entirety.

This is a genuine early Muse demo - the band has confirmed its authenticity.

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This Is A Muse Demo

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