Plug In Baby - CD 1

Boaz Jachin
Plug In Baby
Track Listing:

  1. Plug In Baby
  2. Nature_1
  3. Execution Commentary
  4. (PiB Video)

Total Tracks: 4

Released: 5th March 2001 Correct


First single release from Origin of Symmetry. It is the last Muse single to be released as a 3" CD.

Promo Blurb

'Plug In Baby'
Muse release a brand new single 'Plug in baby', the first to be taken from their, as yet untitled, second album due for release early summer. 2000 was a triumphant year for Muse, selling in excess of 180,000 copies in the UK of their debut album 'Showbiz' and receiving 'Best New Band' award at the NME Brats in January. They then went on to play over 50 festivals around the world including headline slots at the Reading/Leeds festival. Check out Muse and Plug In!

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