Showbiz - CD

Boaz Jachin
Track Listing:

  1. Sunburn
  2. Muscle Museum
  3. Fillip
  4. Falling Down
  5. Cave
  6. Showbiz
  7. Unintended
  8. Uno
  9. Sober
  10. Escape
  11. Overdue
  12. Hate This & I'll Love You

Total Tracks: 12

Released: 4th October 1999
Cat : MUSH59CD


Showbiz was Muse's first full length album, released in 1999, this is the most collectable album on every format. Muse attended many instore signings in the UK for the release of Showbiz, and as such there are a lot of highly valuable signed copies in circulation. These early muse autographs are more valuable than those more recently obtained, as they no longer regularly sign with thier sirnames.

This album was later re-issued by EastWest records, of which the value of is considerably less. To see if your copy of showbiz is original or re-release, check that the catalog number starts with MUSH.

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Single Releases

UnoCaveMuscle MuseumSunburnUnintendedMuscle Museum US

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