Origin of Symmetry - Unmastered Promo

Boaz Jachin
Origin of Symmetry
Track Listing:

  1. New Born
  2. Bliss
  3. Space Dementia
  4. Hyper music
  5. Plug In baby
  6. Citizen Erased
  7. Micro Cuts
  8. Feeling Good
  9. Screenager
  10. Dark Shines
  11. Megalomania

Total Tracks: 11

Released: 18th June 2001 Correct
No Catalog Number


A promo containing unmastered tracks, with beeping sounds every few minutes to indicate the CD is a press preview copy. This CD also features the early tracklisting for Origin of Symmetry with Darkshines, Screenager and Feeling Good in different positions. Contribute to this text.

Single Releases

Plug In BabyNew BornBlissHyper Music / Feeling Good

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