Newton Abbot - Demo

Boaz Jachin
Newton Abbot
Track Listing:

  1. Falling With the Crowd
  2. Agitated
  3. Coma
  4. Balloonatic
  5. Forameus
  6. Boredom
  7. Crazy Days
  8. Sober
  9. Jimmy Kane
  10. Rain
  11. Ashamed

Total Tracks: 11

Released: 31st January 1997 Correct
No Catalog Number


This demo tape features all known master recordings from the Coombshead sessions. The tape pictured was famously purchased from eBay for £740 by a collective of Muse fan sites and shared online. This brilliant collaboration has made this tape extremely revered and highly collectable.

This Demo was likely also printed to CD (as referenced at the Plymouth Soundwaves festival) but no copies have been found. A CD of this session would be the most collectable Muse demo known.

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Newton Abbot
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